ProteXase Therapeutics


Robert A. Galemmo, Jr, PhD 

Dr. Robert A. Galemmo Jr’s creativity has been a through line in his positions as a medicinal chemist, a scientific leader, and a manager. Throughout his career, Dr. Galemmo led teams responsible for multiple clinical and development candidates in ‘Big Pharma’ and biotech. He initiated the medicinal chemistry effort for the new factor Xa anti-coagulant Apixaban/Eliquis, led the team that identified the MET kinase inhibitor, JNJ 38877605, which is currently under clinical development in the European Union for solid tumors, and discovered the clinical leukotriene antagonist RG 12525 for asthma. He possesses broad experience in the therapeutic areas of CNS, Oncology, Cardiovascular, Inflammation and Gastrointestinal. Dr. Galemmo is named as an inventor on 42 US patents, and he is the author of more than 50 scientific publications. 

James W. Janetka, PhD


Dr. James W. Janetka is a tenured Professor of Biochemistry and Chemistry at St Louis’s Washington University School of Medicine where he is a member of the Center for Women’s Infectious Disease Research (cWIDR) and the Siteman Cancer Center (SCC). Prior to re-entering academia, Dr. Janetka garnered substantial industry experience at the pharmaceutical companies Vertex and AstraZeneca where he worked on kinase inhibitors and other cancer drug discovery projects. His project teams delivered four clinical oncology drugs, the ERK inhibitor BVD-523 (ulixertinib), the CHK inhibitor AZD7762, and the SMO antagonists, AZD8542 and AZD7254. In addition to establishing ProteXase, he co-founded a startup company, Fimbrion Therapeutics, which develops unique antibacterial therapies. Dr. Janetka has authored 56 peer-reviewed publications, is an inventor on 21 issued US patents, and is an American Chemical Society (ACS) St. Louis Award winner.

Lidija Klampfer, PhD 

Dr. Lidija Klampfer obtained a PhD in Immunology and Molecular Biology at New York University/Medical School in New York, NY. She was a postdoctoral fellow at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and a faculty member at the Albert Einstein Cancer Center prior to joining Southern Research in Birmingham, AL. The focus of Dr. Klampfer’s research is studying how cancer cells communicate with nonmalignant cells, such as macrophages and fibroblasts, in the tumor microenvironment.  The goal of her research is to understand how factors from the tumor microenvironment regulate growth, survival, migration and invasion of cancer cells and alter their response to therapy. Dr. Klampfer serves as the CSO at ProteXase Therapeutics, where she leads the biological testing of small-molecule inhibitors of HGF.