ProteXase Therapeutics


Prior to establishing ProteXase Therapeutics, Robert Galemmo, James Janetka, and Lidija Klampfer collaborated on the Wiley book, Extracellular Targeting of Cell Signaling in Cancer: Strategies Directed at MET and RON Receptor Tyrosine Kinase Pathways. 

In addition to being the book editor, Dr Janetka wrote Chapter 9 “Inhibitors of the Growth-Factor Activating Proteases Matriptase, Hepsin and HGFA: Strategies for Rational Drug Design and Optimization” with Dr. Galemmo. While Dr. Klampfer and her colleague, Benjamin Yaw Owusu, contributed the book’s second chapter, “The Role of HGF/MET and MSP/RON Signaling in Tumor Progression and Resistance to Anticancer Therapy.”

A list of Drs. Galemmo, Janetka, and Klampfer's other significant publications follow:

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(A laymen’s description of this article titled “A replacement for chemotherapy?” is available on the Atlas of Science website.)

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